In 2024, Best Ways To Earn Money on the PalmPay App 

If you need an additional source of income, you should look no further than Nigeria’s thriving digital banking industry. You will find the best business opportunity, with PalmPay App being the most rewarding fintech company.

PalmPay App is a leading Africa-focused fintech platform committed to economic empowerment in Africa by offering advanced products such as money transfers, bill payments, credit services, and savings on its app and mobile money agents.

With over 30 million users and 1.1 million businesses, including 5800,000 merchants and 4500,000 agents, as part of its cashless payment ecosystem, PalmPay is the perfect platform for those looking to make money in the digital banking area.

One of the main reasons why PalmPay stands out from other competing brands is that its users can seamlessly send and receive money, pay bills, and make purchases. You can earn discounts and cashback by doing these tasks. Among Nigerian fintech brands, no other brand has these financial offerings except PalmPay.

This article covers the top five most popular features of the PalmPay app that anyone can use to earn money from referrals, betting, cashback and discounts, sales, and a special financial offer from PalmPay called TrialCash.

PlamPay App

Trial cash of PalmPay App

Another first of its kind from any digital payment platform, Trial Cash is an exclusive reward designed to get you exploring the benefits of the app’s flexible savings feature. As with most PalmPay features, it comes with exciting prizes.

PalmPay Trial Cash is not real money, but app users earn with a spendable daily interest of 16% per annum sent to their wallets, which they can then use to make various transactions on the app.

Users can earn trial cash by completing daily tasks on the app, transferring to a PalmPay wallet, or adding money to their wallet from their bank account or agent.

Refer & Earn with PalmPay App

PalmPay’s Refer & Earn works perfectly with your contact list and the app’s advanced financial payment offerings. Inviting people you know to register and transact on the PalmPay app can earn you extra good money.

How it works? When you invite anyone in your contact list using your invite link on the app dashboard, PalmPay pays you for every successful app download and transaction invitees make through your referral link. Proceed to through. You receive a fee of N250 for each successful referral. You will then need to complete five referrals to spend less than N2,000 from your PalmPay wallet, and you can earn through successful referrals.

Earn Money Airtime to Cash

You will agree that turning airtime into cash to make money is the best idea. Do you remember you bought more airtime than you needed and didn’t know what to do with the extra airtime? This feature eliminates this dilemma.

This feature, the first of its kind by a digital payment platform, enables PalmPay users to easily convert airtime into cash, with the equivalent amount in their PalmPay wallet, after just a few simple steps. Deposits are made for further expenses.

As a PalmPay user, should you ever have extra airtime that you don’t intend to use and want cash instead, all you have to do is click on the Recharge2Cash icon on the app, select the SIM network, enter the OTP sent to your phone, then choose the amount you want to convert to cash, and finally click convert.

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 Discounts And Cashback App

PalmPay is big on cashback and discounts. You get reward coupons or Palm Points for almost every transaction on the app, from electricity, airtime, and data to cable TV subscriptions. Cashback and discounts accumulate on the app.

The cashback and discounts are applicable on the first five bill payments you make in a month and range from 15 PalmPoints for your first airtime recharge of N100 to a 2% bonus in PalmPoints when you buy cable TV and Pay for electricity.

PalmPay offers many coupons to new users to avail cashback and discounts on the bouquet of services available on the app. PalmPay users can pay below market value for multiple services on the app.

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Sports Betting PlamPay App

There are many ways to fund your sports betting account, but none come close to using PalmPay. The app works with sports betting apps such as Bet9ja, BetKing, SportyBet, iLotBet, etc. You’ll get security bonuses, no extra fees, ease of use, and many more perks.

When you fund your betting wallet through PalmPay’s user-friendly interface, there are no unexpected charges. PalmPay doesn’t charge you any extra fees. Any money you deposit in your wallet goes towards your bet.

Plus, you not only get the exclusive bonuses and promotions that major betting apps offer PalmPay users, but you can rest assured that your funds are safe, thanks to PalmPay’s advanced encryption and fraud protection. 

Earn Money PalmPay App promotions.

From time to time, PalmPay rewards users with various in-app promotions that involve user activities. One such is the ongoing 2023 AFCON tournament in which PalmPay collaborates with TECNO, StarTimes, and Bet9ja.

Customers participating in the PalmPay AFCON Soccer Fiesta can share N108 million and win free StarTimes subscriptions, betting coupons, and loads of cashback.

Ready to ditch the excitement and make money doing it? Open your PalmPay app now and dive into the AFCON Soccer Fiesta for a chance to win big!


How to get $1000 from PalmPay?

The working Palmpay invite code is “C47MEN”. Take the code and use it where it says Palmpay invitation code. After doing this, you will get a welcome bonus of up to N1000.

How effective is Palm Pay?

PalmPay charges low transaction fees, typically around 1-2% of the amount sent, much cheaper than bank transfer charges. You can fund your PalmPay wallet through various options such as bank transfer, ATM deposit, USSD code, or by depositing cash at partner stores. Loading money is fast and easy.

Which bank is PalmPay?

PalmPay is jointly owned by China-based Transition Holdings and Netease.

Is money safe in PalmPay?

PalmPay is fully licensed by the CBN as a mobile money operator and insured by the NDIC. We manage customer funds in compliance with all application regulations. That means more than 30 million of our customers and millions of businesses are protected.


In 2024, if your goal is not just to spend money but also to earn, then there is no reason to use any other digital payment platform for your transactions. PalmPay App offers you benefits that no other program does.

Are you not already using PalmPay for your daily transactions? Go ahead and download the app, follow the CBN KYC instructions to update the app with your BVN and NIN, and continue to transact and earn good money.

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