American Express Affiliate Program: Does Amex Have an Affiliate Program?

American Express Affiliate Program: Affiliate marketing is becoming more popular for bloggers, influencers, website owners, and anyone trying to monetize their online presence to make extra money. 

 Credit card affiliate programs are among the most profitable collaborations in the finance industry, enabling content producers to get paid for directing their readers to well-known credit card companies.

Does Amex offer an affiliate program? However, given the wealth of financial institutions providing affiliate programs, one might wonder if American Express, a well-known credit card issuer, also offers one. Let’s look into it.

An Overview of American Express

Let us examine American Express’s background and current offerings before delving into whether the company has an affiliate program. Over 170 years have passed since American Express, also known as Amex, opened for business as a financial services provider. 

Amex began as an express forwarding business, but it has since grown to provide financial services and goods, such as personal loans, credit cards, merchant services, travel, and more.

Credit cards from American Express are well-known for their rewards schemes, like the Membership Rewards program, which lets users accrue points on every dollar they spend. 

After that, you can redeem your points for gift cards, entertainment, travel, and other prizes. The company provides a range of credit cards for corporate, small business, and individual use.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Let us start by explaining an affiliate program for a better understanding of how the Amex Express affiliate program operates. An affiliate program is a marketing agreement that a business has with a person or organization in which the person uses special links that the business provides to promote the company’s goods and services. 

Based on the predetermined percentage of the sale, the affiliate receives payment from readers who use those links to make purchases.

Affiliate programs are profitable for both parties. The affiliate receives a commission without having to produce or manage any products, and the business gains more visibility for its goods or services.

What is the Amex affiliate program?

After defining affiliate programs, examine the American Express Affiliate program in more detail. Content providers can promote the Amex credit card line and earn commissions using the American Express affiliate program. 

One of the top affiliate networks, Commission Junction, is a business partner. Affiliates and companies wishing to increase their online presence through affiliate marketing can connect through Commission Junction.

How to Join the American Express Affiliate Program

Before joining the Amex Express affiliate program, you must register with Commission Junction. After that, you can apply for the American Express affiliate program. If accepted, you will get access to many marketing materials, special links, and other tools that will make promoting Amex credit cards much more convenient. 

The particular card and the number of accepted applications submitted via your affiliate link determine the commission rates.

Benefits of the American Express Affiliate Program

There are a few benefits to signing up for the American Express affiliate program. These are but a handful:

Excessive Commission Rates: You can earn a commission because the commission for accepted applications varies based on the card type (from $50 to $300).

Access to a Vast Selection of Credit Cards: Amex offers a wide range of credit cards, so you can recommend a few to your readers and help them find the right one for their needs.

Reward Program: American Express has some of the best programs available, making it easy to market a product well renowned for offering excellent value.

Easy-to-use Tools: American Express offers a range of tools and resources to make it as easy as possible for affiliates to promote their credit cards.

American Express Affiliate Program

Comparing Credit Card Affiliate Program with Other

Numerous credit card companies offer affiliate programs. Comparing American Express’s affiliate program to its rivals in the market is crucial. You can use the comparison to help you decide which affiliate program is best for you by making an informed choice.

The credit card programs offered by other companies differ, but the Amex program is particularly noteworthy due to its generous commission rates and engaging rewards schemes. The commission rates at other businesses might be lower, or they might only permit the promotion of a single credit card type.


To sum up, American Express does indeed have an affiliate network. The program provides access to many credit cards, competitive commission rates, and an alluring rewards program. 

The Amex affiliate program can be a great way to monetize your online presence. If you use the correct approach and efficient promotion. To ensure success, keep in mind to be open and honest with your users, partner with reliable businesses, and adhere to best practices.


Which kinds of websites can sign up for the affiliate program with American Express?

Numerous websites, such as blogs about personal finance, travel, lifestyle, and more, offer the American Express affiliate program.

What is the expected commission amount for the American Express affiliate program?

The particular card and the number of accepted applications submitted via your affiliate link determine the commission rates. For each acceptance, you can make between $50 and $300.

How can I keep track of the money I make through the American Express affiliate network?

Commission Junction offers instantaneous reporting of your clicks and earnings. You will always be aware of your income and the most fruitful campaigns.

How do you join a member of the American Express affiliate program?

Before taking part in the American Express affiliate program, Commission Junction registration is necessary. You can apply specifically for the Amex affiliate program after registering. After being accepted, you will get access to the program materials and be able to start marketing Amex credit cards.

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