Earn Money as General Transcriptionist from Home Without Any Previous Experience

We Explore how to Earn Money as a general Transcriptionist from Home Without Any Previous Experience.

Consider a career as a general transcriptionist if you’re an accurate typer who can convert audio recordings into typed text and are a skilled typist with good hearing. For clients who want a text version, this person listens to audio clips of people speaking and then puts out what they say. Transcribing services are more needed than ever because of the popularity of podcasts and video conferencing. Furthermore, automation using artificial intelligence (AI) cannot be ready to transcribe these recordings as human beings can effectively. It is due to AI’s possibility to misunderstand context, identify dialects, or mishear words when numerous individuals speak simultaneously.

Thus, there is an enormous demand for transcribing services done by actual humans! These online transcription jobs for beginners not only allow you to start working immediately without any expertise. But they also allow you to work from home and make up your hours.

How does a general transcriptionist work?

“There are three great reasons why general transcription is a home-based career: “First off, you essentially work on your schedule if you work for a company that assigns assignments with a deadline. Secondly, you will never find a more varied career. Each audio is unique, and over the years, I’ve learned a great deal about a wide range of topics. Thirdly, and above all, you have the freedom to work from home and set your hours! Nobody is observing you from behind.

What is a beginner’s online transcriptionist job?

Considering that it takes roughly three hours to transcribe one hour of audio, you will submit a work request at the start of each week specifying how many hours of audio you would want to transcribe. “Once the work is uploaded to the company’s server, you will download it, check the audio quality, accept it, and begin transcription.” Listen to your transcription again after editing and revising the audio. You’ll be upset at how much of the audio you pick up on the second listen that you miss the first time. 

It will assist you in completing any gaps. After verifying that all terms and names spell accurately and that your work is as exact as possible, you will upload the audio file to the server and begin transcribing the next recording.

general Transcriptionist

What is the pay for general transcriptionists?

As a transcriptionist, you may make between $12.80 and $30.21 per hour, according to Indeed. The firm or client, your typing speed, and the transcribing assignments you choose will all affect how much money you make. A good deal of independent transcribers get money by the “audio hour,” which is the duration of the audio file they are transcribing. To transcribe a two-hour recording, you would get $30 if you get $15 for each audio hour. You should know that entering the text will take longer than just listening to it. You will, therefore, make more money if you type more quickly and precisely. So, You can reduce transcription time by using a foot pedal controller, which makes it simple to speed up and slow down as needed.

Where do online transcription jobs find?

Authentic job boards like Indeed, FlexJobs, and the Transcription Certification Institute are good places to look for remote general transcription positions. They might also exist on freelancer marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. But the advice is that con artists have begun using freelancing platforms and job boards to post phony advertisements purporting to be transcribing service providers. They are attempting to get people to give them money so they can get for transcription work. Thus, bear in mind that working as a transcriptionist never requires payment.

Transcribing companies that are employing beginners

These six reputable firms are now hiring freelancers, so if you’re ready to launch your career as a general transcriptionist, these positions are ideal for anyone looking for their first online transcribing opportunity. Moreover, they’re willing to train newcomers and offer guidance and comments to assist you in advancing in the industry.


Applying at TranscribeMe entitles you to $15 for each audio hour as a beginning general transcriptionist, with the possibility of earning up to $22 per hour as you advance. Payment is made once a week via PayPal. There isn’t a minimum typing speed needed. But you’ll need to show how to accomplish the work by passing an entrance exam. You can transcribe as many of the brief audio clips—which range from two to four minutes—as you choose.


Reviewing firm policies and samples that demonstrate what clients anticipate from their transcriptions will be essential for you at Rev. Then, to demonstrate your ability to adhere to these rules. You’ll need to complete a quiz and turn in an example transcription. You can start working as a transcriptionist for Rev once you’re accepted by choosing from client audio files. Pay varies; top earners receive $1,495 monthly, while the typical transcriptionist makes $245. Payments are made once a week via PayPal.


You must submit an application and a brief bio to be considered for a general transcriptionist position at CastingWords. Thus, You could request to take a test and submit a transcription sample to gauge your degree of proficiency based on what you provide. You can select which audio files to transcribe after being approved by CastingWords. You will get 8.5 cents and a little over $1 for each recording. At least $1 will be sent to your PayPal account as payment.

GMR Transcription

If you think you’re more proficient than others at punctuation, grammar, and typing, you might wish to apply to GMR Transcription. This organization seeks detail-oriented perfectionists to work as freelance general transcriptionists, offering a 99% accuracy rate for clients. You’ll be eligible to accept paid transcription tasks once you pass a rigorous transcription exam. Depending on their abilities and the audio files they choose to transcribe, GMR transcriptionists usually labor between $1,000 and $3,000 monthly. They also commit to working at least 10 hours each week.


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