SHEIN Affiliate Program/ How To Sign Up and How Much Can You Make?


As of this writing, SHEIN is one of the largest international retailers in the world, offering its fashion and lifestyle goods in more than 150 nations. Starting in 2012, the company’s mission is “Beauty and fashion should be accessible to everyone.” It has been around for around ten years. Though they provide a wide range of products, including men’s fashion, shoes, accessories, purses, and more, SHEIN primarily concentrates on women’s fashion. Additionally, the business offers a fantastic affiliate program with commissions starting at 10% and going up to 20% on specific products. Continue reading to learn all about the SHEIN affiliate program features, requirements, and application process.

How to Start the SHEIN Affiliate Program?

You must first visit SHEIN’s affiliate page, complete the application, and send it to the business to become an affiliate. They have two pages: one for Europe and Asia and another for the United States. Joining their affiliate program is simple and, best of all, cost-free. You may begin earning 10% to 20% earnings on each transaction.

To be approved as an affiliate with SHEIN, as with other affiliate programs, you must have a social media platform set up online and receive traffic. Although a website is ideal, a YouTube channel or Instagram account is also a good choice. Naturally, you’ll also need to produce material for your channel that draws in viewers. Since written material is what customers search for most when buying clothes, accessories, and fashion, this includes well-written, captivating information.

How To Sign Up SHEIN Affiliate Program?

The following is a short list of requirements for SHEIN Affiliate Program acceptance:

  • Complete an application and accept the terms and conditions set forth by SHEIN.
  • Add Your contact details and a professional email address.
  • You have an active website or other social media platform with a well-established following and volume of visitors.
  •  A verified and active YouTube channel is a must, if you plan to use it.
  •  Content – lots and many of content. Whichever online site you choose to use, the content kinds that drive visitors there are written reviews, videos, and social network posts. (You are welcome to use more than one.)
  •  Add a payment system using your preferred channel.

SHEIN Affiliate Program

How do you get approved for the SHEIN Affiliate Program?

Applying to and being accepted into the SHEIN affiliate network is like any other network. Joining appropriately from their affiliate website entails completing the forms and giving them all the information they require. In addition, to maximize your chances of success, it is advisable to have the following components in place before applying:

A One-Year Plan for Content and Marketing

Managers are searching for targeted traffic and high-caliber outcomes when selecting affiliates. They want to know that you have a strategy in place to drive visitors to your website and other platforms. It covers the use of paid search, content marketing, SEO, and so forth. Obtaining approval should not be a problem if you can demonstrate that you are on top of the act.

An easy, well-designed website

Nothing will turn people away more quickly than a clunky, difficult-to-use website. Yours should have a friendly, clear layout with an easy-to-use interface that enables users to quickly see what they want and click the link to get a purchase.

High Quilty, Excellent Content

Being an affiliate marketer requires having a consistent display, of interesting, educational, or amusing material. It’s essential to have unique, well-written material for your website, as well as postings for other social media platforms and videos for your YouTube channel.

Professional Email Address

A professional email is a must. It is suggested that you obtain an email address linked to your website if you have one. Your email address should be if you’re promoting women’s lenses, for instance, on

Which Products Promote in the SHEIN Affiliate Program

SHEIN is a massive fashion retailer with hundreds of thousands of products and over 150 countries of service. While some are for men, children, and general items, most are selected for women. As a SHEIN affiliate, some of the largest and most lucrative categories you can advertise in are:

  1. • Fashion
  2. • Shoes
  3. • Beauty and Make-Up
  4. • T-Shirts
  5. • Children’s Clothing
  6. • Jewelry
  7. • Accessories
  8. • Men’s clothing
  9. • Plus-size Apparel

SHEIN Affiliate Program Commission Structure

Regretfully, it was hard to locate any accurate information about the SHEIN affiliate program commission structure. According to their website, their commission rates range from 10%, a decent starting point, to an incredible 20%! We believe the 20% commission would apply if you sold many units. However, it’s hard to say without concrete data from SHEIN.

However, the fact that SHEIN provides a 10% commission on anything you advertise tells a lot about the business and its commitment to looking out for its affiliates. Not many programs even approach 10%, much less 20%! Yes, the brand’s affiliate program is quite appealing because of its low commissions.

What are the Pros/Cons of the SHEIN Affiliate Program?

With very few negatives, SHEIN offers affiliate marketers great benefits.


  •   One of the highest commission rates, with a 10% start.
  •  Commissions of up to 20% on specific products
  •  An outstanding 30-day cookie tracker!
  •  Cash bonuses every month;
  •   New initiatives and promotions Newsletter; 
  • enticing promotional materials;
  •  worldwide distribution
  •  more than two million goods


  •  Since many of SHEIN’s products are inexpensive, you’ll need to sell many of them to break even.
  • · Those who violate corporate policies face severe consequences. You may remove anything harmless, and once you are, there’s no turning back.


If you’re an affiliate marketer looking for a global reach, hundreds of thousands of products, and high-profit rates, SHEIN is definitely worth checking out. Nevertheless, a lot of their products are inexpensive, so you would need to sell a lot of them to turn a profit. Furthermore, the company’s lack of recognition in the US could be a disadvantage. Nevertheless, SHEIN is well-known in Asia and Europe and ships to those regions, creating many opportunities. SHEIN could be your key to earning significant affiliate commissions if you feature women’s fashion on your channels.


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