Sephora Affiliate Program/ How Does It Work and How Much Can You Make?

What is the Sephora Affiliate Program? With more than 430 locations nationwide and numerous foreign locations, Sephora is one of the biggest cosmetics and fashion retail chains in the United States. Their well-known and reliable brand is synonymous with the beauty sector.

They provide a wide selection of fashion and cosmetic items, including their branded line, the Sephora Collection. Even while Sephora receives good scores for convenience, quality, and service, its affiliate program may be superior.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about this outstanding American company and its affiliate network, keep reading. For your convenience, we’ve included all the information you need to determine if Sephora is a suitable affiliate partner.

How to Sign up for the Sephora Affiliate Program. 

As with other affiliate marketing initiatives, Sephora requires you to apply. You can accomplish this by visiting Rakuten Advertising, which oversees Sephora’s affiliate program, or by going straight to the Sephora website (among numerous others).

The application form requests your name, phone number, contact details, and other standard information. They will also require information about your main website, the monthly payment threshold amount, and other specifics about your internet business to process payments.

You likely noticed that we highlighted the necessity of having your primary website to become a Sephora associate. You can have many websites, social networking pages, YouTube channels, and other accounts, much like in many affiliate schemes. Even so, you have at least one website to sign up as a Sephora affiliate. The following is a summary of the requirements to become a Sephora affiliate:

Complete the affiliate form and acknowledge receipt of the terms and conditions.

  1. • Functional website housed on a separate domain.
  2. • A business email account linked to one or more of your websites.
  3. • Current visitors to your website that already has a presence online.
  4. • Interesting, educational, and engaging material for your website

Sephora Affiliate Program

How to Get Approval for the Sephora Affiliate Program?

Because Sephora is a well-known company with a stellar reputation, it is looking for affiliate marketers who will always uphold that reputation. You must have family-friendly content on all your websites to qualify as a Sephora affiliate. Any website, YouTube channel, or social media page that a beauty and fashion firm uses to advertise its goods should, of course, have some range of affiliation with the beauty and fashion sector. The following advice can improve your chances of getting hired as a Sephora affiliate marketer:

High-quality Content

Fill your website and other pages with excellent, captivating, amusing, or engaging information. It is a crucial step since Sephora wants to ensure you’re utilizing high-quality, family-friendly content to promote their brands. Content that is bland, boring, or poorly written will not pass.

 Business Email Address

Use a business email address that links directly to your website. The email address is the one factor the Sephora affiliate program staff considers most important when deciding whether or not to authorize an affiliate marketer. One from Hotmail or Yahoo indicates that you’re a ranked amateur or not a professional affiliate marketer.

Well Design Website

 Make sure your website is user-friendly, well-designed, and has all the information a customer could need—without being overly wordy. An excessive amount of advertising or irrelevant content on a website is a major red flag. Should you lack expertise in website design, you might want to consider hiring a professional.

Attractive Marketing Strategy 

A marketing strategy to attract niche audiences is one quality Sephora looks for in an affiliate marketer. You should be able to demonstrate to the Sephora affiliate team your plan for the first year or more, regardless of the tactics you choose to employ, such as sponsored search, SEO, content marketing, blogging, etc.

It would also be beneficial if you could show Sephora that you’ve been successful as an affiliate marketer with companies that are comparable to your own.

Products You Promote with the Sephora Affiliate Program

You can promote every single one of the many fashion and beauty products that Sephora carries as an affiliate. The freedom to recommend everything Sephora sells, regardless of the brand, and get paid a commission on sales is one of the main benefits of being an affiliate for the store. That’s significant when you consider that Sephora sells almost every type of makeup and beauty product in addition to its line, the Sephora Collection. Among the categories are

  1. • Skincare
  2. • Beauty Tools and Brushes
  3. • Hair care
  4. • Gifts
  5. • Fragrances
  6. • Bath and Body
  7. • Candles & Home Scents

What is the Sephora Affiliate Program Commission Structure?

Finding precise information about the Sephora affiliate program commission structure was a little challenging, but we certainly tried. You would need to complete the application procedure, get accepted, and then be allowed to view the precise form to obtain all of the specifics.

Nevertheless, according to information found online at the time of writing, the affiliate network for Sephora offers commissions ranging from 8% to 10% on all of their merchandise. Out of all the beauty and fashion affiliate programs accessible right now, it has one of the highest commission rates. Everything that Sephora offers, including the Sephora Collection, allows you to affiliate dollars.

Pros and Cons of the Sephora Affiliate Program

You’ll quickly find that Sephora offers many more pros than cons. It is up to you to choose whether or not those advantages align with your goals.


With no limitations, you can earn commissions on any product sold by Sephora.

  1.  Commissions rates are 8% to 10%.
  2. It’s free to sign up for the Sephora affiliate program.
  3. Sephora provides free samples with every order and free shipping on orders over $50.
  4. You receive exclusive emails, product previews, and attractive promotions.
  5.  Several cutting-edge products, such as banners and images, that you may use on your websites; • Round-the-clock customer service from Rakuten.


  1.  The application procedure may take a while.
  2. The minimum amount required to pay is $50.00.
  3.  Monthly, not weekly, payments are made to affiliates.
  4.  A one-day cookie that lasts only a few minutes


What is the payout for the Sephora Affiliate Program?

All sales made through links you post on your website or other social media platforms will earn you at least 5% compensation through the Sephora Affiliate Program. In some product categories, you can even receive a commission of 10% on each sale.

How does Sephora compensate its reviewers?

By including an affiliate link to a product in a review you publish on your website or social media account, you can get compensated for reviewing products at Sephora. You will receive a commission on sales made by any of your followers who click on your link and purchase the product. This commission might range from 5% to 10%.


The Sephora Affiliate Program can be a perfect option for you if you’re hoping to take your side business as a beauty influencer to the next level. Sephora is a well-known and respected name in the industry. Thus, consider applying to become an affiliate after applying a pore-cleansing mask to your T-zones and dotting your eyeliners.

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