Farfetch Affiliate Program/How to Earn Money with Farfetch

Farfetch relates designers, curators, and customers as a top global marketplace for expensive clothes. You may make money by marketing Farfetch goods and services on your website or blog, thanks to the Farfetch affiliate program.

Are you trying to find a way to make money off of your fashion website or blog? Do you want to advertise some of the world’s top luxury shops and brands? If yes, then consider joining the program.

You can make money by marketing Farfetch products on your site by signing up for the Farfetch affiliate program. Furthermore, Everything you need to know about the program, including how it operates, what it offers, how to sign up, how to advertise, and how to maximize your results, will be covered in this post.

How does the Farfetch affiliate program work?

The Farfetch affiliate program is managed by Partnerize, a leading affiliate network that works with many global brands. So, To join the Farfetch affiliate program, you sign up with Partnerize first. Once Partnerize approves you, you can apply for the Farfetch affiliate program through their dashboard.

As a Farfetch affiliate partner1, you will have access to:

farfetch affiliate program
  • Up to 7% commission on all approved sales (excludes returns and cancellations)
  • 30-day cookie window
  • Daily feeds of items for several different currencies
  • Competitions and giveaways
  • newsletters regularly about new product introductions, boutique openings, features, and deals

You will also have access to a dedicated account manager to help with any questions or issues.

What are the benefits of joining the Farfetch affiliate program?

There are many benefits of joining the Farfetch affiliate program, such as:

  • You can promote a selection of luxury fashion products from over 2,000 designers and boutiques1. You can find products for every style, occasion, and budget. You can also promote exclusive collections and collaborations only available on Farfetch.
  • You can earn attractive commissions on every sale you generate. The commission rate is up to 7%, higher than many other fashion affiliate programs. The average order value is also high, which means you can earn more per sale.
  • You can benefit from a long cookie window of 30 days. It means you will still be given credit for sales made by users who click on your link and buy something within 30 days. It gives you more chances to earn commissions from repeat customers or delayed purchases.
  • You can access daily product feeds that support multiple currencies. It helps you present your audience with the most recent and pertinent products. You can also customize the product feeds according to your preferences and needs.
  • You can participate in competitions and giveaways that Farfetch organizes regularly. However, These are great opportunities to increase traffic, engagement, and conversions. You can likewise win prizes or impetuses for yourself or your crowd.
  • You can receive regular newsletters from Farfetch, knowledgeable about the latest news, trends, offers, and tips. So, With newsletters, you can improve your performance and plan your content strategy.

How to join the Farfetch affiliate program?

Therefore, Joining the program is easy and free. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Click on Apply Now on the Farfetch Affiliate Programme page.
  • Put your personal information and website information in the registration form. Make sure the information you submit is accurate and comprehensive.
  • Let Partnerize examine and approve your application while you wait. It may take up to 48 hours.
  • Apply for the Farfetch affiliate program after logging into your dashboard and receiving Partnerize approval. To use their services, you must accept their terms and conditions.
  • Hold off on applying until Farfetch has reviewed and approved it. Up to 24 hours may pass during this.
  • You can begin promoting Farfetch’s products on your platform after you have received approval from them.

How do you promote Farfetch products on your platform?

You can advertise Farfetch products in a variety of ways on your site, including:

Write blog posts: Create blog entries: You can create blog posts regarding Farfetch goods, including evaluations, analyses, comparisons, how-tos, and lists. So, To make your content more engaging and SEO-friendly, use your keywords, images, videos, and links. For example, you can write a blog post about The Best Luxury Dresses for Spring 2023, How to Style a Leather Jacket from Farfetch.

Create social media posts: You can make web-based entertainment posts about Farfetch items on stages like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can utilize hashtags, inscriptions, stories, reels, and so forth to draw in and associate with your crowd. For example, you can create an Instagram post showing how you wear a Farfetch outfit or a Pinterest pin featuring a Farfetch product collage.

Send email newsletters: You can email your subscribers about Farfetch products. You can use subject lines, headlines, images, buttons, etc. To entice and persuade your readers. For example, you can send an email newsletter about The Latest Arrivals from Farfetch and the Best Deals from Farfetch.

Use banners and widgets: You can use banners and widgets on your website to display Farfetch products. Thus, You can select different sizes, shapes, colors, etc., to suit your website design and layout. For example, you can use a banner on your homepage or a widget on your sidebar.

You can find all the promotional materials you need on the Partnerize dashboard. You can also generate your links using their link builder tool.

How do you optimize your performance with the Farfetch affiliate program?

To optimize your performance with the Farfetch affiliate program, Here are some tips of them:

Track and analyze your results: You need to track and analyze your results using the tracking tools provided by Farfetch or other tools like Google Analytics or Affiliate. Metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, income, and others are necessary to track. Additionally, you must determine what functions well on your platform.

Test and experiment: You test and experiment with different strategies, methods, formats, and offers. You can attempt various types of content, keywords, pictures, joins, pennants, banners, etc. You can likewise try different items, classes, brands, and stores. So, Monitor your findings and contrast them to determine which performs better.

Enhance your offers and procure more with Lasso: Lasso is a tool that helps you oversee and improve your partner joins. With Lasso, you can create stunning no-code affiliate displays, grids, and tables that increase your clicks and conversions. You can also see every post on your site with Farfetch links and customize them according to your preferences and needs.

Create engaging content around Farfetch: In affiliate marketing, content is king. You must produce content that engages your audience if you want to successfully promote Farfetch products. The interests, pursuits, and problems of your audience should be understood. High-quality photos and videos should be used to highlight the merchandise. So, You also use your keywords naturally and strategically throughout your content.


Finally, the best approach to promoting high-end fashion items and earning money is through the Farfetch affiliate program. You may write high-quality affiliate material that will allow you to get commissions by using the advice in this blog post.

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