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A global affiliate marketing network that links publishers and advertisers is called (CJ)Commission Junction. Advertisers use CJ affiliated to promote their products and services to publishers’ audiences, and publishers earn commissions when they generate sales or leads for advertisers.

What is an affiliate commission? When a publisher’s audience performs a desired action, such as completing a purchase or signing up for a free trial, an advertiser will pay the publisher an affiliate commission. A percentage of the sale price or the lead’s value is used to determine the commission amount.

CJ-affiliated commission instructions are important because they tell publishers how much they will earn for each type of conversion. This information is essential for publishers to track their earnings and are being paid correctly. In addition, CJ affiliate commission instructions can help publishers to optimize their marketing campaigns. By understanding how much they earn for each type of conversion, publishers can focus their efforts on the strategy that is most likely to generate the highest commissions.

CJ affiliated markiting

When (CJ)Affiliated found

CJ Affiliate is one of the biggest and oldest affiliate networks, established in Santa Barbara, California, more than 20 years ago. 

A subsidiary of Alliance Data Systems, a Fortune 500 company, it specializes in pay-for-performance programs.

Parent organizations: Publicis Groupe, Conversant

Headquarters: Santa Barbara, California, United States

Founders Todd Crawford, Lex Sisney, Per Pettersen

Founded: 1998, 

President: Paul Tibbitt

Network around the world 15 Offices

Merchants 3,000

Compared to other affiliate networks, CJ Affiliate

 CJ Affiliate stands out with affiliate network programs like Amazon Associates, ClickBank, ShareASale, and eBay Partner Network. Several distinctive qualities and benefits set CJ Affiliate, formerly known as Commission Junction, apart from other affiliate networks:

Diverse Advertisers: CJ Affiliate partners with several reputable and well-known businesses from many industries. Publishers can advertise many goods and services to target markets and niches.

For example, a publisher on CJ Affiliate can promote goods from companies like Nike, Best Buy, or Airbnb, giving their audience a wide variety of options.

Deep linking capabilities

CJ Affiliate allows publishers to create deep links, which direct website visitors to a particular page or item on an advertiser’s store. BY guiding consumers to the necessary information or product, this feature enhances the user experience and raises the possibility of conversion.

As an illustration, a publisher can create a deep link that directs customers to a particular product page within an online store, making the transition easy and raising the possibility of a sale.


 CJ Affiliate provides publishers and advertisers with a wealth of information and support. They offer lessons, educational materials, and a devoted support staff to address any questions or problems that could crop up.

For example, to help publishers optimize their affiliate marketing strategies and increase their earnings, CJ Affiliate offers training webinars, business insights, and best practices.

Flexible Commission arrangements:

 CJ Affiliate offers a range of commission structures for marketers to choose from. Examples include cost per sale (CPS), cost per leads (CPL), and cost per act (CPA). Advertisers can tailor their incentive system to their marketing objectives due to its flexibility.

 For example, an advertiser may pay a specific sum for each lead generated by the editor’s promotional activities or a percentage-based fee on sales made through affiliate links.

(CJ)Affiliate Registration Conditions

It costs nothing to sign up for the Commission Junction affiliate program.

You must be at least 18 years and have a website to register as a seller.

Payment options accepted by CJ Affiliate

Direct deposit, cheque, or Payoneer (for non-US citizens) are payment options for publishers. CJ Affiliate will pay you out within 20 days at the end of the month if you have met the minimum payout threshold of US$50 (Direct Deposit) or US$100 (Check). So, It is currently not possible to pay through CJ Affiliate using PayPal or a credit card.

If so, you should consider the Content Certified program from CJ.

You are automatically associated with over 600 of the best companies as a Content Certified publisher.

With this appeal, you may reach premium advertising with prior approval while preserving editorial control over your content.

How Do I Sign Up for CJ Affiliate?

  1. To join CJ Affiliate, complete these easy steps:
  2. Visit https://www.cj.com/signup to access the CJ website.
  3. Select Sign Up from the menu.
  4. Make a password and enter your email address.
  5. Choose the sort of website you have and your country.
  6. Read and agree to the terms of service.
  7. The Create Account button click.
  8.  Explore available affiliate programs and advertisers.
  9.  Apply to join the programs that align with your niche.
  10. Start promoting products and earning commissions.
CJ affiliated markitting

CJ Affiliated Works

CJ Affiliate is a broker between advertisers (merchants) and publishers (affiliates). Here CJ Affiliate operates:

Advertisers join CJ Affiliate as members and list their products or services there. For their promotional efforts, they provide publishers with marketing materials and commission rates. On the other hand, publishers sign up with CJ and explore the many affiliate programs. They can apply to programs relevant to their target market and niche.

Unique affiliate links or banners provided by advertisers are accessible to approved authors. The websites, blogs, social networking posts, and other advertising channels of the publishers all contain these links. The publisher receives a commission when a visitor clicks on an affiliate link and performs the requested activity on the sponsor’s website.


Q: How can I get paid as a publisher with CJ Affiliate?

A: Direct deposit, checks, and wire transfers are just a few of the numerous payment methods that CJ Affiliate provides. The preferred payment method and payment threshold define by publishers. 

Q: Which affiliate program kinds are offered by CJ?

A: CJ Affiliate provides several affiliate programs for different markets and sectors. Programs are found in many categories, including fashion, technology, health & wellness, and travel. 

Q: Which affiliate marketing plan is the best for beginners?

A: For newbies, CJ Affiliate is the best option. The platform offers helpful tools, educational materials, and a devoted support team to help publishers.

Q: How does CJ Affiliated work?

A: Through CJ Affiliate, an affiliate marketing network links publishers and advertisers. Publishers use specific affiliate links to promote the products that advertisers list on CJ Affiliate.

Q: How do I sign up with CJ Affiliate?

A: CJ Affiliate membership is free and easy. Just go to the CJ website and register to become a publisher.

Q: Can I advertise CJ Affiliate goods outside of the US?

A: Yes, CJ Affiliate is a worldwide company that enables publishers to advertise products anywhere. Your reach and prospective audience will grow with the international advertising you can attract.


A great affiliate marketing network (CJ Affiliated) offers numerous opportunities for marketers and publishers. With its wide selection of affiliate programs, reliable tracking system, and excellent reputation in the industry, CJ allows a strong foundation for success in affiliate marketing.

 By connecting with several media, advertisers can increase their visibility and revenue. So, Publishers can market connected products and gain commissions using the policy resources and capabilities. CJ Affiliate is a dependable option for people looking to succeed in affiliate marketing because of the policy’s dedication to excellence, educational support, and prompt payouts.

Due to its extensive platform, reliable infrastructure, and commitment to enabling advertisers and authors, CJ Affiliate stands out among affiliate marketing competitors. CJ delivers the tools, resources, and chances to support your success and monetize your online activities, whether you are just getting started or want to maximize your earning potential.

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